Pasture Fed Lamb and Mint Burger

4 x 140g


These Lamb and Mint burgers are made with finely minced lamb and combined with succulent mint. These scrumptious burgers are a true crowd-pleaser.

All our lamb comes from regenerative farms that are encouraging wildlife to thrive with wildflower meadow restoration, introducing agroforestry, planting hedgerows, and sowing herbal lays.


Cook your meat

Take the shoulder of lamb out the fridge for at least an hour before cooking, to bring the joint to room temperature.

Using root veg and onions create a layer in your roasting tin, place the shoulder on top. Place in a preheated oven 160c / 140c fan for 5 hours, basting occasionally. Allow to rest for 30mins and serve.

To add an extra level of flavour, add your chosen marinade and leave for a minimum of three hours.

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We send all our wonderful Pasture-Fed meat frozen.
When your delivery arrives place it straight into the freezer in its individual packaging. To thaw remove your item from the freezer and place at room temperature or in your fridge to gently thaw.


100% Pasture-Fed meat has many health benefits:

o Lower total fat levels and a lower saturated fat content.
o Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a lower, and healthier ratio of omega-6:omega-3 fatty acids
o Significantly higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than meat from grain-fed animals and higher levels of vaccenic acid, which can be turned into CLA.
o Higher vitamin and mineral levels. Particularly rich in vitamins A and E, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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Regenerative farmers

All our farmers use regenerative farming practices, working in harmony with the environment to benefit the animals, farmers, consumers, wildlife & the natural world.


Hand Butchered

Our Master Butchers have years of experience and knowledge, helping select the best cuts and utilising all of the animal.


Eco Packaging

Our packaging has been sourced to keep the meat frozen and be environmentally friendly.


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