Why We Need Nature-Friendly Farming

Why We Need Nature-Friendly Farming

By Joseph Attfield, Farm Wilder

What is Nature Friendly Farming Week?

Nature Friendly Farming Week was set up by the 'NFFN' or the Nature Friendly Farming Network - a group of farmers who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature. Farmers from a range of backgrounds who are passionate about ensuring out countryside is productive and bursting with wildlife.

Through campaigns like Nature Friendly Farming Week, the NFFN hope to raise awareness of nature-friendly farming and ultimately aim to work together for better policies for food and farming.

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Why we need nature-friendly farming

If we want to restore wildlife in the UK then we must transform our approach to farming. It's intensive farming that has progressively destroyed our wildlife, but it's nature-friendly farming that is starting to make things right.

Nature is incredibly resilient, but restoration of our natural world can't be achieved without our combined efforts. We can see wildlife bouncing back at the farms we work with. If nature-friendly farming happened at a greater scale it could be amazing.


"There's an amazing amount of responsibility we have as stewards of the land. We're not just protecting the environment, we're looking after all the wildlife and biodiversity of the land." - Luke Hasell, Heron's Green Farm

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